Finland 's Education A Model For The Future Essay

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Is Finland’s Education a Model for the Future, or a Model of the Past? Upon first assumption, school systems are believed to be most successful when students are assaulted with hours and hours of time in school combined with another couple hours outside the classroom. Makes sense right? The more time one spends practicing material, the better students will be able to comprehend and apply the material to real world situations. Viewing very objectively, this is true in most cases; however, one country for the past few decades has stood out from all the rest, Finland. Comparatively, Finland is only a fraction as big as most other top education contenders. It relies heavily on a government funded; pro-equality system that utilizes the taxpayer’s money to pay for many things such as advanced health-care, high standards of living and very good paying salaries (Orkin 15). This type of system is not uncommon in Europe, with most countries taking very similar forms of government controlled programs. Finland has been ranked highly in everything from being one of the most literate, highest income, least corrupt, and most democratic countries in the world (Orkin 15). Growing up in a country such as Finland with very high literacy rates and generations of multilingual citizens leads to a very safe, engaging, and promising future thanks to the education system that has been formed through decades of trials and failures.
Finland wasn’t always regarded as one of the chart toppers…

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