Finding The Right Learning Management System Essay

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Finding The Right Learning Management System
I currently serve as Vice President for One Sparrow DC, a non-profit foundation whose goal is to build an orphanage and school that would service the children of Bon Repos, Haiti. It is our plan to provide educational opportunities in partnership with, Université Chrétienne du Nord d 'Haïti: UCNH, the local university, and utilize online learning to offer a vast array of educational opportunities. My responsibilities will be to recruit talented individuals to help create programs that meet the unique needs of the student population remotely. Therefore, we will need a comprehensive online learning management system (LMS). A system that will allow teachers and students to collaborate in real time. This tool should also allow for the organization of class content as well as manage administration tools. In order to select an LMS, I need to have practical experience working with a dynamic LMS in a similarly small school environment. That opportunity presented itself this year at County Christian School (CCS), where my son is enrolled. To learn more about this LMS, I interviewed throughout September, via email, the school’s Computer Technology Instructor, Mrs. Sue Ellen Skirkanich.
This year CCS changed its learning management system. After several years they were moving away from, the often complained about Edline system, to a more efficient streamlined system called RenWeb. RenWeb sites state that “our fully-integrated…

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