Finding Forrester Movie Analysis

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Making films are almost the same as writing, before anything the director must put down his ideas on paper. Film techniques such as camera shots, angles and movements, lighting, cinematography, special affects and sound are all great ways to capture the audience’s attention. Without these unique techniques it will be like watching a movie through a camera phone. . Many books are turned into movies, even though some people argue that the movie is never as good as the book. Then there are people that enjoy watching the movie more for the simple reason that they do not enjoy reading.

Gus Vant Sant is an American film director, screen writer, painter, photographer, musician and author. He directed the film called “Finding Forrester” in the year
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Forrester agreed to continue to mentor Jamal in one condition. The condition was that it must remain a secret, whatever was written or discussed must only stay between them two. Forrester was once an amazing author, his works where strongly criticized but well respected. He was tired of the critics and being criticized so he went into hiding and stopped writing out of the blue. Gus Vant Sant was a genius when it comes to directing. The opening scene used a variety of extreme long shots for landscape. The objective for long shots is to set the scene for the audience. It lets the audience see where the characters are located at. Such scene setting shots are known as establishing shots. At the end of the movie forester finally comes out of hiding when Jamal was falsely accused of plagerisism and was threatened to get kicked out of school. The only way to get through this situation was to admit that Forrester was the one who helped him, but Jamal being the good friend that he is did not snitch out Forrester. Then out of nowhere Forrester showed up to his class and entered the scene like this “My name is William Forrester, excuse me I’m that one” for the first time ever he is out of dark abyss of his lonely apartment. As Forrester looked around he picked up a piece of paper and gave this speech “Losing Family. Losing family obliges us to find our family. Not always the family that is our blood, but the family that can become our blood. And should we have the wisdom to open our door to this new family; we will find that the wishes we once had for the father, who once guided us, for the brother, who once inspired us, those wishes” (Forrester). As he read a soft tone music was played in the background and the war with tears started. Forrester was choking on his own tears, but these tears where of joy and excitement with a little bit of nervousness. The soft music set the scene

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