Find My Way Out Of A Maze Analysis

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Find My Way Out of a Maze “How long have I walked so far? It is getting dark, but the station is nowhere to be found. Where on earth am I going? I have been wandering around here for almost one hour.” Unfortunately, I am not a careful or prudent person, and I have not been good at remembering directions since a small child, so it is not surprising that I get lost in an unfamiliar area. In most cases, I did not blame my inability but ascribed them to complicated streets and lack of landmarks and signs; however, one incident made me deeply reflect on my attitudes and behaviors. Then, I learned from my failure about three important things to overcome problems. About three years ago, after our basketball team finished practice games at a high school in Ichikawa, I got lost on my way to the nearest station. Since the senior students led me all the way to the school in the morning, there was no trouble at that time and I simply thought that a return trip would be the same. However, the seniors somehow had to stay at the school longer and I had to go back to the station by myself. I left the school and went on one direction, relying on my obscure memory and not asking for someone’s …show more content…
These things also apply for various situations in daily life; for example, when having a difficult time in completing my work by the deadline. When writing a chemistry report or an English essay, the first thing to do is to plan the contents and to gather all the necessary information. Discussions with my friends might generate creative ideas and improve my writing though they are more time-consuming. It is also important not to be bothered by the approaching deadline and to proceed at a solid pace. Perhaps, I am now a little more careful and well-organized than before as a consequence of the

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