Essay about Final Organizational Qi Plan

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Final Organizational QI Plan
Hani Mortada
HCS 588
October 7, 2013
Ronald Konnick

Final Organizational QI Plan Executive Summary The concept of using computer technology to improve the management of patient information is not new. Research into the implementation of health care information systems spans more than thirty years at a cost of millions of dollars (Zheng, McGrath, Hamilton, Tanner, White, Pohl, 2009). In spite of those costly efforts, patient records continue to be primarily paper-based. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) (1991) of the National Academy of Sciences recognized the
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Mission Dearborn clinic’s mission is to improve the quality of health services provided to our customers and community residents by providing patients with specialty and compassionate health services that meet the highest standards of quality and strive to provide cost effective services and gain customer satisfaction through our dedicated physicians, staff and volunteers. Vision Our vision is to achieve excellence and leadership in providing health care services to our clients. Respect, dedication and professionalism towards our patients are considered guidelines to sustain our progress and reach our future goals. Dearborn clinic decided to implement electronic medical records hoping to improve our organizational system infrastructure. Our Board of directors, Executive leadership, Quality improvement committee, Medical staff, middle management and department staff strongly believe that EMR is essential to our organization success and progress. EMR Objective Implementing EMR has patient, clinical and administrative objectives 1. Patients • Increase customer satisfaction • Retrieve patients’ records faster • Continuity of care services • Effectiveness in accessing health records 2. Clinical • Flexibility in accessing patients’ records • Reduce prescription

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