Final Exam Essay I am not a babysitter

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Terrence Hendrix
Professor Phil West
English 1301- 468
11 December 2014
I Am Not A Babysitter: A Rhetorical Analysis
Teaching is not a lowly job as most people think. Teaching is a profession that is highly, commendable just like banking, nursing and other professions. However, some people often ridicule the teaching profession merely because of its poor pay, poor career prospects, not to mention the perceived monotony of the daily routine writing lesson plans and preparing lecture materials. Despite all these criticisms, not many teachers have defended themselves. However, in the article “I am not a babysitter,” Heather Robinson takes a stand to defend the teaching profession effectively by appealing to ethos, pathos and logos. This
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She also tried to elicit emotion by explaining the five o’clock to nine o’clock routine and the "cream­puff" schedule that teachers go through. She explains:
Some family and friends seemed to think the change was only temporary. Several asked, "How long do you think you'll teach?" Some inquired whether I had administrative aspirations. …..some friends actually questioned my sanity. Surely, I would not remain a lowly classroom teacher, they would insinuate, as if teaching is a stop­gap job. Unfortunately, too many people view teaching as a fallback, insurance, something stable to get them from their last corporate layoff to the next higher paying job. (Robinson 1)
In the last paragraph, she appeals:
So the next time it's tempting to quiz a teacher about why she's not doing something more lucrative or supposedly more challenging with her talents, liken her job to a teenage babysitter's, offer up something utterly free: respect. A little of it goes a long way. (Robinson 2)
She engages the reader with a call to action appealing to the supposedly perceptual and presumptive readers to respect and appreciate the teacher for what they do. Robinson also tries to elicit sympathy from her family and friends including those who try to compare teaching with other professions. She argues that she never intended to be a lifelong teacher, but got interested in teaching to nip the social problems faced by the

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