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1) Occurs when a "follower" receives the benefit of an expenditure made by a "leader" by imitating the leader's behavior.
2) Occurs when inaccurate information can falsely exist.
3) Refers to situations wherein the agent can take unseen actions for personal benefit even though such actions are costly to the principal.
4) The annual report refers to
5) Remaining maturity refers to:
6) Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) refers to
7) Original maturity refers to:
8) The firm's assets in the balance sheet refer to:
9) Book value (or Net book value) refers to:
10) The return expected by equity investors is called the __________.
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21) Stony Products has a receivables turnover of ten times. What is Stony’s receivables collection period (RCP)?
22) __________ says to calculate the incremental after-tax cash flows connected with working capital decisions.
23) __________ says to compare the benefits and costs of alternative uses and sources of money using after-tax APYs.
24) Bank term loans represent __________.
25) Which (if any) of the below statements is false?
26) Credit-policy decisions involve all aspects of receivables management. The decision does NOT include which of the following?
27) Most credit sales are made on an open account basis, which means __________.
28) An all-equity-financed firm would __________.
29) A profitable firm would __________.
30) Whenever a firm splits itself into separate units, with each unit having limited liability with respect to its financing, the capital structure of each unit becomes __________.
31) There are two important tax considerations for a capital budgeting project. These include which (if any) of the following?
32) Projects can be classified into various categories. These include:
33) Ideas for capital budgeting projects come from all levels within an organization. The bottom up process results in ideas percolating through the organization.
34) In practice, the __________ rule is preferred.
35) Whenever projects are both independent and conventional, then the IRR and NPV methods agree. Which of the following statements

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