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FIN 534 Complete Course FIN534 Complete Course
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FIN 534 Week 1 Discussion
Discussion 1: An Overview of Financial Management
A. What were the principal causes of the recent financial crisis (it is known as the Great Recession)? Would you include Government policies that encouraged housing purchases for those who could not afford them, artificially low interest rates implemented by the Federal Reserve, banks and mortgage brokers who were greedy, the failure of Government regulators to provide proper oversight to the banks and other financial institutions,
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Step 2: Locate financial ratio data from Mergent Online. Financial statements, ratios, and other useful information are available from the Mergent Online database that is available through the Strayer University Learning Resource Center (online). Please notice that financial ratios are grouped into appropriate categories (Profitability Ratios, Liquidity Ratios, Debt Management Ratios, and Asset Management Ratios), which makes it easy to set up the ratios and use them in the analysis. Accessing the Mergent Online Database – Financial Statements for companies, financial ratios, and Form 10K annual reports can be obtained from the Strayer University Learning Resource Center, which is accessible from the Online Classroom (see tab at the top of the screen). Select – Learning Resource Center
Select – Databases
Select Mergent Online Then, in the block titled “Company Search – Enter Symbol or Company Name” enter the company’s name or its Stock Ticker Symbol (e.g., for McCormick & Company, enter MKC). Next, select the company from the drop-down menu. For Financial Statements – Select “Company Financials” tab
For Financial Ratios – Select “Company Financials” tab and “Ratios” sub-tab
For Form 10K Annual Reports – Select “Filings” tab (and then select the most recent Annual Form 10K report) Step 3: Enter the financial ratio data into the Financial

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