Essay on Film Scenes Of Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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“On February 10, 2015, local police in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, responded to a report of gunshots heard at 5:15 p.m. Upon arriving at the Finley Forest Condominiums, located on Summerwalk Circle at Chapel Hill, a woman told them a friend was bleeding, and directed them to a condominium. There, they found Barakat lying dead in the front doorway bleeding from the head. One of the Abu-Salha sisters was found dead in the kitchen, with the other lying in the doorway of that room. All three victims had been killed with gunshot wounds to the head, and were pronounced dead at the scene. According to prosecutors, the suspect shot Barakat multiple times at the doorway after the latter opened the door in response to his knocking. He then allegedly entered the living room and shot the Abu-Salha sisters in the head, then shot Barakat again before leaving. According to autopsies, the Abu-Salha sisters were shot execution-style.”(The New York Times 2015) Scenes like this have been happening rapidly since a rise of the now infamous terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or ISIS. A certain panic has come over the world as this group has successful planned and executed several terrorist attacks throughout the world resulting in many casualties. Also the rise of media coverage for the terrorist group ISIS has become so extensive that they are now known internationally. This epidemic of anti-Muslim hate crime is not a recent occurrence. Hate crimes such as the one in Chapel…

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