Film Analysis Of The Movie Crash

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“Crash” is a drama film from 2004; Paul Haggis has produced and directed the movie. The film is set in L.A, a city with a cultural mix of every nationality. There are several main characters, including Shaun Toub as Farhad, Bahar Soomekh as Dorri, Sandra Bullock as Jean Cabot, Brendan Fraser as Rick Cabot, Matt Dillon as Officer Ryan, Terrance Howard as Cameron Thayer, Thandie Newton as Christine Thayer, Ludacris as Anthony, Larenz Tate as Peter and Michael Peña as Daniel. The film is truly about racial and social tensions in Los Angeles. This film is based on an event that Paul Harris experienced himself when his car was stolen. The film has also won several awards.
One way or another, I think every people is born with good hearts, but they grow up and learn prejudices. “Crash” is a movie that brings out all the prejudices, especially racism. The movie begins with a multi-car crash, where several people are involved. From that point, we were taken back to the day before the crash, seeing the lives of several characters, and all their problems. A Persian storeowner wants to buy a gun, but in the shop, he was discriminated and called Osama. The seller also sexually harassed his daughter, when he talked about bullets. Jean Cabot and Rick Cabot walks down the street, as they walking Jean gets a little nervous because of the two black people in head of them. Anthony, who is one of the black ones, noticed that the woman is quite nervous
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You see, the film does not just refer to the physical car crash, but also to the crashes between the different people. They crash when they meet, because of their own problems. My opinion is that everyone have to see it. The film is great, and it can change your view on racism. You see, the characters starts being very judging to others. It is a lot of racism, and not a very good environment. There are people who starts being bad, but who ends up being nice to others. The film has a great

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