Structural Functionalism And The Justice System And Social Conflict In The Movie

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Crash connects stories based on coincidence, as the lives of the characters crash against one another. The movie takes a close look at the prejudice and resentment against members of minority groups, and observes the consequences of those feelings. The encounters between races are highlighted within institutions like the justice system and government/political entity. These institutions are highlighted because of a combination of institutionalized practices, power struggles, and individual bias. There are several examples of racial issues that are products of an imperfect justice system along with bureaucratic government and bias. However, the examples in law enforcement and the government are most powerful. All three are represented in …show more content…
The parts all depend on each other. Social institutions are well represented in “Crash,” the idea that all contribute and are necessary for society to function properly is not. Throughout the movie, the social institutions are constantly clashing with each other. The health institution denies Officer John Ryan’s father the proper help, law enforcement is portrayed as a corrupt organization that is dictated by racial bias, and the government as an institution that uses regular people as pawns to gain political standing. While the Structural Functionalist Theory is underrepresented in the movie, the Social Conflict Theory is better represented. The Social Conflict Theory is based on the fact that different social groups have unequal power, though all groups struggle for the same limited resources (Marger). The majority of the people in the movie who are living in poverty stricken neighborhoods are non-white, while those who are wealthy and in control of society are white. The district attorney represents a white, wealthy, high ranking member of society who sees people of race as a tool to be used to rise in the political

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