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The past few years have been filled with new and exciting challenges to the start of the education program. When I was told I would need to complete hours for field experience, I assumed I would be just watching an instructor and listening to a lecture. I clearly did not know what I was doing. I was matched with student whom would need mentoring or assistance in some way. Being in a position where you are neither a student or an educator is very difficult. You don’t know what position you have with the students and you must honor the rules and regulations set forth like an instructor. My experiences was a challenging one and thus I learned much of what teachers see on a daily basis.
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Her grandmother who is raising two teenagers alone is having to work a full time job to make ends meet. Since Ana is not in foster care, the financial burden is then placed on the grandmother. Ana carries much of that burden with her. She is having to be self reliant and reteach herself what she learns in school. Foster or children placed in changing homes have a more difficult time with learning. They most often are neglected or denied many services so they are behind on many levels. They are often seen with academic and behavioral issues because of that many get placed on the back burner. The operant conditioning has affected the value of work that Ana has or can put forth.
In my time spent with Ana I have noticed that she is an active learner. When it comes to written homework assignments she prefers to be hands on and open conversation. It is difficult to get her on track when it is a subject she cannot grasp.Being in middle school her concerns are more toward fitting in with her classmates. Even down to the music she listens to has a precedent over her studies. It is typical in that age range to have that mindset per Erikson’s Stages of Psychosocial Development. Her teachers give her a wide range of topics that she can write about that she
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While she doesn’t have a personality of disobedience, she doesn’t understand the concept of a punishment or the affects it should have weaken a behavior. For instance at the school they have “strikes”. When the student does a bad act based on what the teacher feels they get a strike on their personal planner/agenda. If you receive too many strikes you are not allowed to attend the monthly get­to­together. Ana doesn’t see her strikes as punishment, more so, she sees them as an attempt to bully her or make her feel unwelcome. This has caused her to be closed or have animosity toward her instructors as opposed to understanding that it was a punishment for failure to return work or a behavior issue. This in many ways can be connected the her lack of punishment as a child. There was no one to hold her accountable for homework or behavior so there wasn’t any need to lash out. In the end Ana continues to go to school daily and make as much effort as she can.
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