Fice Of Sustainability At Royal Roads University Environmental Sustainability

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At Royal Roads University environmental sustainability is a major focus, this will be an overview of recommendations to increase recycling at RRU and the rationale used behind it. There will be three solutions presented to the office of sustainability to reach their waste diversion rate, by recommending that attention on addressing the issue of clarifying what goes where at recycling stations.

The office of sustainability at Royal Roads University main goal is to increase its’s waste diversion rate from 69% to 80%. Currently having a silver star ranking and wanting to attain platinum as stated in their sustainability plan for 2015-2020. To reach this target, we would introduce an educational platform to RRU which would include a quiz, short presentation along with raising awareness through social media and a having a co-ordinated volunteer campaign. In order to reach that goal, we take a look at certain alternatives that will enable the change needed. This will be an overview of how to reach the current target at RRU by implementing the recommendations put forward to help increase it’s waste management diversion rate. Presented will be the three alternative solutions that will be recommended to help the office of sustainability reach it’s goal of increasing the waste diversion.

The first alternative is to have a volunteer campaign where volunteer’s would be spread throughout the campus during high traffic time and area’s helping the student body and guests recycle. This…

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