Feminism Is A Important Part Of Society Today Essay

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Defining Feminism Feminism is a very touchy subject in the world today. Many people confuse feminism with man-hating or believe that this movement means that women believe they are superior to men. However, this is not the case. Feminism is a much needed movement that supports and pushes toward the idea of gender equality in places such as the workplace, the home, and even the streets. A woman should not be the one that feels ashamed after they are raped. A woman should not be expected to take a man’s last name in marriage. A woman should not be paid less than a man for the same exact job. While the world has come a long way with gender equality, it still has a lot of room for improvement. In The Feminine Mystique, Betty Friedan relays the message of why feminism is and was needed to her reader through education in women, the expected role of women in the household, and the emotions of women she would interview. Education is a very important part of society today, for men and women alike. However, in the fifties: “60 per cent (of women) dropped out of college to marry, or because they were afraid too much education would be a marriage bar” (2). No woman should be kept back from school because men don’t want females to be more successful than they are. Even if being a housewife was the norm in the fifties, women should have not been afraid to earn a college degree because of the opportunity of passing some of that knowledge on to their children. A woman could have even…

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