Feminism Research Paper

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Feminism is a hot topic around the world. There are many issues but feminism effects all of the world. This topic means so much to many people around the world, but not everyone pays attention to feminism and what it truly means. It has such a complex history ,each country has its own history of feminism.Its complexity causes so many words to be put under feminism like equality and women 's rights. The definition of feminism is the advocacy of women 's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. Though much has been said about womens rights , very little attention has been paid to feminism because some people are afraid of the word and the cause behind it“Nobody 's free until everybody 's free.” which is the …show more content…
The goal of feminism is to reach equality. Women is the USA and UK have better opportunities than developing countries like Afghanistan, Nepal, Iraq. Some effects of women’s rights is things like religion that promote gender roles. These traditions are hard to break and will not change over time,women under these strict religions do experience violence if they try to break the silence. Malala Yousafzai a girl who spoke out about girls being able to have a education in pakistan against the Taliban.She had death threats against her and she escaped a gunshot.Now talks about her story and why education is important. “I speak not for myself but for those without voice... those who have fought for their rights... their right to live in peace, their right to be treated with dignity, their right to equality of opportunity, their right to be educated.” Women are abused and are mistreated from minor things like unequal pay to extreme things like rape. “One out of every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime.”Some girls are treated less than boys and women less than men. Feminism is something many women speak about but many believe girls should be speaking out it because girls and boys should find equality at a young

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