Feminism: Equality And Justice In Society

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Feminism has been a controversial topic since 1800’s when Women Rights Movement was started. In most of the cases, people misinterpret the term that creates conflict and confusion. The people who believe in this concept are of the view that men and women in society should have equal opportunities and status in society. Society is also believed that certain groups such as women are mistreated in their lives. Society is segregated when it comes to feminism. We can witness a large number of people who openly supports feminism and there is also a huge number of feminist theories. However, the image of feminists expressed in the media is as the group of women who are angry and hate men and this theory should be rejected at all costs. This
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Many women also oppose feminism because of the criticism they face as a result of embracing it or they are of the view that they are not oppressed by any male and do not need to support this movement. However, if one is feeling empowered and one is not oppressed by it, it does not mean that everybody else is also facing the similar situation. The movement needs to be supported to empower those women who are exploited and are helpless. Feminism considers equality and justice in society, and from an unbiased point of view everybody needs feminism. It is not just women who should support the concept but males should also strive to maintain justice and equality in society …show more content…
There are a large number of women who also vote against feminism. Most of the arguments show that people do not understand the term. Some of the common arguments these people present against feminism are that they love men and they like to support humanism rather than feminism. Many celebrities pointed out that the idea of feminism to take power away from men and giving more authority to women is not going to work. There is a need for proper balance. Anti-feminists consider that there exists an innate difference between men and women and feminism is against the biology of both the genders. In addition to that antifeminist blames this movement for ignoring certain equality issues of males. Anti-feminist belief that feminism is against men and create negative sentiments for men in its followers.

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