Gender Roles In The Yellow Wallpaper

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A world wide topic and issue is feminism. The problem of inequality within gender roles has been going on for many centuries and slowly, people are changing how they treat women. One thing that has helped the feminist community is the literature authors’ have been writing. It wasn’t until the 1920’s that women received to rights, thanks to the nineteenth amendment. Purdue Owl defines feminism as, “...the ways in which literature (and other cultural productions) reinforce or undermine the economic, political, social, and psychological oppression of women”(Boyle, par. 1). In the early nineteenth century there were certain expectations and limitations placed upon women which forced them to feel they must be a perfect, proper wife. Women worked hard at maintaining the home, caring for their children, preparing meals and pleasing their husbands. Because of this, a lot of the time women …show more content…
She taught that standing up for something can be easy, but is usually difficult, especially when it’s a worthy cause. Her eye opening, short story “The Yellow Wall-Paper” brings understanding and opens a view to the pain and suffering that women went through to get where they are today. “Herland” can remind everyone that placing capabilities in a gender box limits what we can accomplish and ultimately become. Yes, women can cook diner, but men can cook too. Gilman’s work has inspired many people to achieve their dreams and to reach higher than they knew was possible. Gilman’s literature is found among the greats, and she stands out with her unique style and indirect path to entertainment. Charlotte Perkins-Gilman chose her path and wrote about many sensitive and controversial topics. People needed to hear her words and she was able to deliver a beautiful message that affected many generations to follow. Feminism and gender roles was Charlotte Perkins-Gilman’s literary

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