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Research Topic The Yellow wallpaper is a short story that was written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. The short story engages in stereotypes of women in society. The fact that Gilman introduces a woman in the story and how she goes crazy because the role she is able to play in the society is limited, and also the ability for her to express herself creatively is constricted, simply points out how Gillman is making a Feminist statement by critiquing society’s view of women in general and the limitation society places on women. Theoretical Context
Melissa Wright’s work Feminism and a feeling of justice emphasizes on gender equality and the advocacy and promotion of equal rights for men and women, that is, we as individuals should all be treated
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The Yellow Wallpaper” is an important symbol used in the story by Gilman to illustrate Jane’s mind. The color “Yellow” is often associated with fear, illness, and anxiety. In the story, one can see that she is literally suffering from a sickness but she is also pointing to the sickness of the society’s view of women. This illustrates how women were looked down upon as weak individuals in the society. Another symbol used in the story to describe how women were treated or seen in the society is the description of the room and how it resembles a nursery. A nursery being associated with babies symbolizes how Jane and other women, in that particular time period, were viewed as babies and treated like one, that is, they were presumed to be incapable of taking care of themselves without help. Also, another obvious symbol used in the story is the description of the bed which is an “...immoveable bed [that] is nailed down ” (Gilman 960). This introduces the notion of entrapment. This shows how Jane is feeling trapped by the standard sets placed on women in her time period and the almost impossibility to be detached from it . The bed is also associated with her marriage and the unchangeability of

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