Feminism And The Christian Tradition Essay

2014 Words Jan 19th, 2016 9 Pages
According to the PEW Research center, about 70% of the American population identifies as some type of Christian and, while there is not a lot of accessible data to back up this claim, it is generally believed that women make up more than half of the practicing Christians. Despite the amount of women who make up the Christian tradition, there is much conflict seen in our modern day Christianity against women and especially against feminists. As they do in many places in our society, feminists have a bad reputation within the Christian communities. Feminist women are seen as dangerous to the Christian tradition, as critics accuse them of wanting to take away all tradition, both in religious communities and within religious families, by taking away gender expectations, ignoring the clear differences between men and women, and being overly critical just for the sake of arguing. To some, feminists push for change is seen as a problem, but for others, this change is essential.

Even though women make up a considerable portion of the Christian population and take on duties that are essential for the continuation of traditions, within the religion and within their own families, they generally lack almost any power. These women have to wonder how they can possibly be valued within their own community when all of their figureheads are male, as women are continuously left out as possible church leaders, and have seen so many instances where women are seen as dangerous, unclean, and a…

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