The Cry Of Tamar Violence Analysis

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In, The Cry of Tamar Violence, we read about all the different types of violence against women and also how the church responds to this type of violence. In, The Cry of Tamar, the author Pamela Cooper-White discusses all the different types of violence that women have had to endure throughout all these years such as sexual violence, domestic abuse and rape. In, The Cry of Tamar, Pamela Cooper-White also discusses how the church has dealt with all these types of violence against women. In today’s society not only is there still all these types of violence against women, but more and more we also see a different type of violence, a violence against one’s own sexual orientation. Now a day it has become more and more common for us to see more women in relationships with women and men in relationships with men than ever …show more content…
What if I had stayed and if I had had children with him, how would that have affected all of us? So now not only are we dealing with him being homosexual but also with divorce. Even though I do not have anything against homosexuals I do hate the fact that I was used that way. I had to learn how to forgive even though I was not sexually abused, and there was not any sexual violence, or rape, I still went through emotional abuse. There is a part in The Cry of Tamar where Pamela Cooper-White deals with Empowering Women that I could really relate to and then of course the Conclusion of the book which deals with Forgiveness. I think for me personally I could relate much more to the Conclusion of this book than anything else, only because it dealt with the topic of forgiveness and letting go. I think this also applies for all homosexuals since they have to also find plenty of forgiveness in their heart for all those people that are against them. In the end as Pamela Cooper-White states in her conclusion, “The only forgiveness that is essential is for

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