Female Senior Student Affairs Officers Essay

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Dissertation Review for Female Senior Student Affairs Officers and Pathways to Success
Purpose and General Rationale
In the dissertation defended by Yettieve Marquez, “Female senior student affairs officers at four-year public institutions: Pathways to advancement,” Marquez discusses gender and leadership disparities in senior student affairs officers (SSAO). The author discovers that females are earning every degree type at a higher rate than their male counterparts, but more women are in entry and mid-level positions. The gender gap has dramatically decreased over time at four-year private institutions, but the largest gender gap within SSAO positions continues to exist at four-year public institutions. Through this qualitative study, the author explores the career paths of current female SSAOs at four-year public colleges and universities. Specially, she conducts studies on 15 current female SSAOs at four-year public institutions.
Fit and Specific Rationale
Factors that were explored within the study were mentorship, level of degree attainment, geographic mobility, and e ability to achieve work-life balance. The study also examines factors that led to their success, challenges related to their gender, and advice given to females who aspire to obtain an SSAO position at a four-year public institution. The research also found it important to review relevant literature in the areas of female senior-level administrators, their career paths, and survey their experiences in…

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