Female Police Officers And Female Officers Essay

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Women are greatly outnumbered by their male counterparts in the law enforcement community. Multiple studies have revealed that women only represent approximately 12.7% of all sworn law enforcement officers (Lonsway, 2003; Schuck, 2014; Seklecki & Paynich, 2007). Many female officers believe that women are not recruited by agencies effectively leading to underrepresentation (Garcia, 2003; Schuck, 2014). According to Rabe-Hemp & Schuck (2007) female police officers often create confusion for the public. Citizens have difficulty deciding how they should view a female officer. Should she be viewed as a female, or as an officer, since a female officer has to deal with both expectations (Rabe-Hemp & Schuck, 2007). Female officers have to manage both the expectations of being a female and an officer, therefore, their experience in law enforcement differs greatly from their male colleagues. These differences are shown through discrimination, both by colleagues and citizens, the skills and abilities they administer while performing job related tasks, and the type of stress they experience. Despite the many forms of discrimination faced by women in the law enforcement community, research shows that women bring unique skills and abilities to the profession, and handle job related stress as well as their male colleagues.
Literature Review Due to the abundance of information regarding discrimination, skills and abilities, and stress, they will each be discussed in separate sections.…

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