Fear Of Fear Essay

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Picture confident women and you will not see them recoiling in fear when something they want is within their grasp. They keep their head high and push through their fears to get what they want.

It might help you to have a plan in place for your fears. Following are suggestions to help you overcome some of the most common fears.

- Fear of rejection: Choose to be grateful that you even have a chance to try.

- Fear of failure: Remember that failure will teach you what doesn 't work and increase your chances for success next time.

- Fear of criticism: Other people have their own perception on life, but it doesn 't make it right or affect your self-worth.

- Fear of embarrassment: People think about you a lot less than you think. If you embarrass yourself, they will probably have forgotten about it by lunch.

- Fear of socializing: Remind yourself of everything you have to offer others before you need to interact with a group in any way.

That 's just a short list. Make a list of some fears you have and come up with a statement that counteracts that fear and motivates you to keep moving forward. Then, carry that list with you and refer to it when you are scared so your imagination doesn 't take over the situation.

Always remember that your confidence is on the other side of fear. Confident women are made by facing fears and coming out alright. Every time you prove to yourself that you are a woman who can do and get what she wants, you will become slightly more confident,…

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