Fear Is The Root Of All Evil Essays

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Learning from Lies
For many years lying has been seen as such an awful topic to discuss. Humans in every culture, since the beginning of time hated the thought of being lied to, but why? Why is lying seen as such a cliché matter? This is simply because of the effects caused by lies. One lie can break hearts, destroy families, and even lead a whole nation into living in suspicion and uncertainty. Lying itself is only a natural effect of one’s fear of what’s to come. Although it’s insensible to state that lies are evil; it is greatly stated that, “Fear is the root of all evil.”
As tough as it may sound, lying has been nurtured by our society for decades. “College students lie to their mothers in one out of two conversations” reported Dr. DePaulo, a psychologist at the University of Virginia. It has become part of our lives, as a simple “I’m fine, thank you,” could suggest the opposite of what is really meant. That one statement can be said in fear of having to explain the truth to someone that might not be as reliable as can be. As my grandma used to say, “The whole story isn’t meant for everyone to know.” Lying can save much time, by decreasing the drama in one’s life. Perhaps lying itself is not the problem, but the intention behind each lie is what defines it.
While complete honesty is somewhat incapable of being reached. Honesty should still be strived upon by every individual that yearns for success. For an honest person is a respected person from those who value it.…

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