Fear Affecting A Person : Fear Essays

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Fear affecting a person
Fear is an emotion that expresses from a person to be afraid and worried of something or someone. It can lead to an impact on someone’s life and the emotion has the ability to control of how a person behaves. Fear can affect a person by their decisions, communication, productivity, and physical abilities.
Fear has the ability to control a person’s decision by the consequences and how it will effect in the future. The fear of decision, or decidophobia, can be a sign of depression by having a thought of making the wrong choices and suffering the consequences. To illustrate, when I was in a mall, I entered a local shop where it has priceless items; however, I would have paid a large amount of money to obtain an item I was seeking for, or obtain a miniature version of the item that cost less that way I would still have enough money for a time when I need it. Then, when trying to make a decision, I became frightened of the consequences when making a choice, because I believed it would lead to disastrous results. In addition, the fear of decisions has a person worried about creating a mistake and feels guilty, which is most common. An example of this is when a person is about to take a test and is afraid that they might fail and would feel guilty. To conclude, fear can control a person’s decision by thinking about the consequences and the guilt. Furthermore, fear is able to affect a person’s will to communicate. This emotion uses the person’s ability to…

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