Fdt4 Task 2 Essay

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Western Governors University FDT4 – Task 2


Food Traditions




Mexico Independence Day


Religion Catholic

Cinco De Mayo



Day of the Dead


Food Traditions


Chicken, Duck, Fish, Fresh vegetables


Chinese New Years


Religion Buddhism

Lantern Festival



Ching Ming Festival

FDT4 Task 2 D. Kentucky Subcultures It takes a great deal of patience and understanding to be a teacher in a culturally mixed environment. The educational environment that I plan to teach in consists of cultures made up of Asians and Hispanics. I wish to better understand these two cultures so that I
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Although the traditional Mexican diet contains relatively high intakes of beans and dietary fiber, it is also high in cholesterol. Hispanics consuming the traditional Mexican diet pattern have high BMI and waist circumference values, which can lead to many health problems. (pubmed.gov) But a report done by ABC News reports that Hispanics are living longer in American because of diet, and because they are far less likely to indulge in the types of fattening foods that have expanded the American waistline. Instead of fast food and processed products, Hispanics tend to favor fruit, vegetables, rice and beans. Along with this, researchers add that Hispanic immigrants eat far less red meat,

instead incorporate chicken as a main source of meat. (Wright, 2010)

Hispanic Culture - Traditions Hispanics have several well known lifestyle traditional items that have become easy to associate with in the United States. The common language among Hispanic people is Spanish. Many of the Hispanic children who are raised in the United States are bilingual, which means they are able to speak both Spanish and English. Many Hispanic children will speak Spanish at home if parents are closer to their Hispanic roots. When it comes to school, Hispanic children will learn and speak English at school. (U.S. Census Bureau, 2013 a) In the Hispanic culture, religion has traditionally played a significant role in lifestyle. Many from the Hispanic culture are

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