Fdr : A Natural Born Leader Essay

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FDR: A Natural Born Leader
During his inaugural speech in 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt once said “The only thing we have to fear itself,” (Roosevelt) in attempt to inform the country that he is going to help them pull out of their current economic downfall. The 1930’s marked some of this country’s darkest times. Not only did the Great Depression strike, but the Dust Bowl, one of the worst droughts in U.S history, occurred during this time as well. In 1932, the peak of the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected to be President of the United States, winning all but six states in his favor ("Biography: Franklin D. Roosevelt").The election alone showed that Roosevelt had potential as a long-needed worthy President and he proved his worth because it became the turning point for the country. To pull the United States out of the Great Depression, prepare for a world war, and leading a nation after a fierce battle against his medical history are all examples why Franklin D. Roosevelt was a remarkable leader.
Franklin D. Roosevelt’s first hundred days in office marked a turning point the United States’ economic crisis. His actions during that time were so remarkable that it is now known as the “First 100 days”. What made those days so remarkable was Franklin D. Roosevelt’s launch of the New Deal campaign. Its goal was to help the United States recover from the stock market crash which lead to the Great Depression. Over twenty five programs emerged from the New Deal, some…

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