The Unbreakable Father And Son In Homer's The Odyssey

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An Unbreakable Father/Son Bond Can Accomplish Anything
A father and son bond can be the difference between completing your journey and living, or failing and never making it back home. A father and son bond can help solve and overcome endless obstacles or problems. The relationship between a man and his father can accomplish many things because of their loyalty, dependability, and determination to help each other. This relationship between fathers and sons in The Odyssey help them overcome many problems and are very important in the story. They were presented in the story through multiple people, but the most important bonds were between Odysseus with his son Telemachus, and Poseidon with his son Polyphemus. The Odyssey has multiple strong
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When Odysseus was on his journey he entered a cave and was trapped when the dweller of the cave, Polyphemus trapped them and slowly started killing them all one by one. Odysseus planned a way to escape which involved distracting and knocking out the cyclops with wine and then stabbing it in the eye with a piece of wood. His plan worked which caused Polyphemus to become blind. On page 110 Polyphemus prayed to his father Poseidon asking him to make sure that Odysseus returns home very late and a broken man. Poseidon gets revenge on Odysseus and sends him to the island of Ogygia where he is held away from home for ten years..Poseidon did this because of his love for his son and he didn’t want his son to get hurt without the person who caused the pain to be punished. The Greeks would value the fact that Poseidon loved his son and got revenge for what Odysseus did to his son. They would also value the fact that Polyphemus could depend on Poseidon to punish Odysseus appropriately and do what he

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