Fast Food Restaurants Are For Their Big, Fat, And Juicy Burgers

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Fast food restaurants are known for their big, fat, and juicy burgers. Today, just bigger, fatter and juicier with dripping oils is what to expect. Bigger and cheaper, the better! Over the years, portion size has increased from processed food and whole-foods in America. Only, this time, it’s not feeding the hungry, but stuffing people with an overly large portion, mostly filled with bad calories, resulting stretched stomachs for more addictive junks.
The idea of "getting more for what you pay for," for your foods can results individuals a threatening health condition. In fact, Wanskin’s, “Mindless eating: Why do we Eat more than we Think” argues, people tend to eat 50% more when portion are larger and serve in bigger plates. Furthermore, “Supersize Me” documentary questioned if supersized servings are necessary for our society. He demonstrated through eating out at Mcdonald 's daily, resulting negative effect on his health. This made McDonald take off their supersized fries and combo off their menu. However, it has slowly crept back up with enormous portion size, like 20oz soda with an unlimited refill, served with bigger bread and wider meats.
Yet, we are blind to the danger of increasing size of cheap foods. Based on “The contribution of Expanding Portion Sizes to the US obesity Epidemic” research found that certain food portion they measured exceeded USDA and FDA standard portions, finding cookie category exceed by 700% along with “french fries, hamburger, and…

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