Informative Essay: Government Regulation Of Fast Food

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Government Regulation of Fast Food Last week I was sitting in my honors chemistry class when we were talking about chemical reactions. My teacher, Mr. Bullard, brought up a video and did not tell anyone what is was about; he likes to do that type of thing. As the video began to play, we realized where it was headed, it was an experiment about how the acid in our bodies break down food. The scientist put a real one hundred percent beef patty in a solution similar to our stomach acid and it broke it down and distributed it evenly in the solution. Then, he took a McDonalds beef patty and put it in the solution. It turned into black sludge. The rate of obesity in America is increasing at an alarming rate. This is a very dangerous condition that …show more content…
The government needs to get involved to better the quality of food we eat, not to govern what we eat or how much of it. It can also be argued that the styling of food for pictures is insignificant, but what does that lead to? If a company can get away with lying what their food looks like, they can just as easily lie about other aspects. It’s a question of ethics and morals. Small hole-in-the-wall restaurants do not have food stylists, and their food is, many times, better than big franchises that can afford such expenditures. There are even articles that attempt to argue that the obesity rate among two to five year olds is reducing, that forecasts a reduction in obesity through generation (New CDC Data). Those children that the CDC is getting information from will one day be independent, and on a budget. Their health freak parents will no longer be there to tell them they can’t eat something. Obesity will not stop until the government does something to control the quality of food. If people knew where the food they were eating came from, they would have a whole new perspective on fast food. McDonalds is known for buying sick cattle from auctions, and also the use of pink slime in their chicken. Pink slime is all the inedible portions of meat left over after slaughtering that has been cleaned in ammonia and ground into real meat. Only a person that has lost their mind can argue that the consumption of sick cattle, and chicken that has been cleaned with poison, is

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