Fast Food Nation Essay

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"Issues Surrounding the Nation's Slaughterhouses"

In the book, Fast Food Nation, Eric Schlosser discusses the problems that the nation is facing with fast food restaurants. Schlosser wrote this book because he was concerned with where the fast food industry was taking America. He voices his concern about the children and their health regarding meat bacteria, and the fat content of the food. He also mentions how potato farmers, cattle ranchers, and chicken raisers are suffering from the industry controlling prices too low. Another worry Schlosser has is how the meat packing factories for these restaurants treat their workers and ultimately how careful they are with the meat. There are many horrifying stories about the harsh injuries and
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Sometimes cumulative disorders such as tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and "trigger finger," are developed from putting too much stress on the hands repeatedly by using dull knives to try and cut tough meat. Over long periods of time, some workers also suffer from back and shoulder problems also due to cutting meat with unsharpened knives. Along with these somewhat minor injuries, also come major accidents and sometimes even deaths. Schlosser writes that, "The men and women who clean the nation's slaughterhouses may arguably have the worst job in the United States" (177). One of the most dangerous jobs in the meatpacking factories are done by the sanitation crew. They come in late at night and use a combination of water and chlorine heated to 180 degrees to pressure wash all parts of the plant. Often, the staff accidentally sprays each other because of all the fog that is created from the cleaning solution. Not only are they frequently sprayed with the burning hot chemical water, but the fumes are so potent that they are many times sickened from them. There have been two accounts of people trying to clean the insides of massive tanks who have passed out from the fumes and end up dying because there is no way out. While these people are cleaning, the machines and conveyor belts are still running, so there have been incidents where people lost fingers and arms in a machine. There have even been cases where people have had their heads crushed by heavy

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