Fast Food Burger Case Study

Fast food burger restaurants are most Americans go-to option for a quick, cheap dinner for the whole family. Their standards of quality and speed keeps customers returning for more. Although, not all fast food chains are not operated the same, Burger King and In-n-Out are perfect examples of this. They might share the motive of selling burgers, but do not share the same qualities as a company. They both may offer the same type of product and service, but their distinct differences in food quality, customer service and overall appearance is what sets these restaurants apart.
To begin with, In-n-Out and Burger Kings’ food are nowhere near being the same in quality. In-n-Out’s commitment to consistent quality of their menu items is what customers
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For example, Burger King is loved by their customers for their speedy drive-thru service. Their service quality is based on drive-thru times they have to rush to meet, sometimes resulting in a sloppy thrown together burger. In-n-Out on the other hand doesn’t rely on speed as much to gain customer satisfaction, so your wait time could vary depending on how busy the restaurant is. Their main objective is to make sure that every burger comes out the best it possibly can every single time. The time taken to make sure the burger is well put together decreases the chance of an order mistake. Unlike In-n-Out, an understaffed BK can occasionally get rushed by customers resulting in mixed up or lost orders and extensive wait times. Although, Burger King does offer indoor dining along with a children’s playpen and this intrigues children to want to come back again. In-n-Out does not offer this luxury at their restaurants, but they do offer indoor and patio dining, or the option to have your food ready to eat in the car when going through the drive-thru. These different attributes make these restaurants unique and keep customers coming

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