Fast Food and Wendy Essay examples

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(1) Wendy’s was able to achieve its initial success and grow so rapidly at a time when the quick service hamburger business appeared to be saturated because Wendy’s chose a strategic plan of targeting a different segment of the hamburger market, young adults and adults. Dave Thomas’s idea of an “old fashioned” hamburger allowed Wendy’s to differentiate from the competitors. The hamburger itself is made from fresh beef that is cooked to order and served directly from the grill to the customer. It is done this way to allow the customer to see what they are ordering. Allowing customers the opportunity to see the cooking process gains a certain level of comfort between the customer and the restaurant. “Old fashioned” hamburgers are square in …show more content…
By only having four main products, Wendy’s was able to limit waste which allowed them to maintain considerably lower prices, maintaining a strong competitive advantage. This “limited menu” concept also left Wendy’s vulnerable to competitors. Some of the disadvantages of the concept come at the product level standpoint. Wendy’s was only casting their net to a small market of people. This allowed competitors the chance to produce products not offered at Wendy’s and potentially steal future customers. Wendy’s did not offer a children’s menu, which allowed competitors such as McDonalds to steal possible customers. The concept was eventually discontinued due to the growing market. More fast food restaurants were opening up each day, and the pressure to keep up with the competition grew too difficult. In order to stay competitive, Wendy’s had been forced to detach from the “limited menu” and expand in order to meet changing customer demands.
(3) Wendy’s drive-thru window was successful when other quick-service restaurant chains had been unsuccessful at implementing the same concept because Wendy’s was first amongst various fast food establishments. Wendy’s began using the drive-thru window in the 1970’s and first implemented the concept as a convenience to the customer. By allowing the customer to never leave their car, Wendy’s became more attractive to the person that was running short on time. The drive-thru window was another way Wendy’s differentiated from

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