Essay on Famous Thinkers

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Famous Thinkers: Steven Spielberg & Grace Hopper Famous thinkers can come from all walks of life and can be from our generation and others. Reaching goals can be done in many ways. The similarity famous thinkers is that they are all share creative minds and are all creative thinkers. Creative ideas are the foundation of creative process (Goodman & Fritchie, 2011). Famous thinkers base their ideas on searching for solutions to problem, need, or the way others think or view specific issues. When I think of famous thinkers a vast number of people come to mind. Two thinkers that genuinely stand out to me are Steven Spielberg & Grace Hopper. My article will provide more details on the influence and accomplishments of these great …show more content…
Even with all of Spielberg’s success came struggles. His favorite kind of film was the melodrama (action film). Spielberg’s passion for this melodrama films has often attracted criticism. When compared to realism or tragedy, melodrama in a sense seems childish. Some say the melodrama seems juvenile and artificial when compared to realism or tragedy. Even with their criticism Spielberg is still today is found to be America’s most well-known successful maker of cinematic melodramas. Spielberg’s films also have innocence and often portray broken families. His films show his fondness for broken families and seem connected to his own personal experiences. His parents were divorced when he was sixteen. He did not have a close connection with his father which led to some of his films about missing or neglectful fathers and lonely children. With all he had experienced, his films were filled with emotions that fell close to the heart. Without the personal emotional subconscious themes, Spielberg’s films wouldn’t have been such a success.
As we all know films can be expensive. One reason a lot of his films focus on broken families and children is because the audience is easy to appeal. His idea to concentrate on melodramas was a strategy that focuses on young people and can be appreciated by both adults and children. All these factors, personal, social, and political environments have affected his creativity in his films. Today he still amazes his audience

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