Famous Personality Disorders

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Argumentative Essay
Famous People With Personality Disorders

Dejoure Boland
Thursday April 27, 2017
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One in four people in the United States will be diagnosed with a form of personality disorder (World Health Organization). Many things can bring on the onset of a personality disorder such as stress or a need to cope with some sort of trauma. Or a person can be predisposed to having a personality disorder due to genetics. Having a personality disorder is not impossible to live with but if not dealt with properly then it can be difficult for the persona a well as the people that are around them. This is especially true for famous people. They have to live with their
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A person with schizoid personality disorder will often appear aloof and will often drift into a separate own fantasy world (Burton). Schizoid is a personality disorder that is often associated negatively; a person will be portrayed as crazy and unable to function regularly in society. However, people with schizoid are often full of life, they want to form relationships and be apart of society they just lack the tools to make this possible (Burton,). A famous person who suffered from schizoid personality disorder was NFL player Lionel Aldridge. Aldridge was a successful rookie when he first entered the draft and lasted 11 seasons in the football league. After finishing his career in the NFL, he went on to be a sports analyst. It was in this second part of his life that he was diagnosed with, paranoid schizophrenia (Fescoe). After being diagnosed Aldridge began to deteriorate, he lost his job and eventually lost his house (Fescoe). Aldridge did not stay in this state, he was able to regain some of his mental health and was able to become an advocate to those who suffered from a personality disorder and the homeless …show more content…
People who suffer from OCPD are in constant worry about things being perfect and under control (Watson). These people are obsessed with making everything perfect; this can make them inefficient because they will not move on until they have completed the task exactly right (Watson). Not only do people with OCPD have anxiety when they feel like they are not doing a task perfectly, but they can feel anxiety when they feel as if the people around them are not doing the task as directed (Watson). This need for themselves as well as the people around them to do everything perfectly can lead to the person being isolated (Watson). David Beckham, a professional soccer player has Obsessive Compulsive Personality disorder. David Beckham has admitted to having to count the shirts he has in his closet, and even the amount of soda that he has in his fridge

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