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As I grow up I realize they’re so many more complications and struggles in life every year. As a kid I always thought it was hard to pick what cereal to eat, what television show to watch or what toy I should play with next. At that age it didn’t matter what I picked to do, it always had the same outcome; you would never pick the wrong thing. Now 10 years later everything is so much harder, you not only have a life at home but also school, sports, friends, driving and jobs. Throughout the movie every character goes through something different whether it’s parenting or a relationship. Every decision is part of the foundation to someone’s life, doesn’t matter whether it’s good or bad. Your parents are the one’s that make you turn out the way …show more content…
For instance, I have 4 other siblings and parents who are married. We all get along pretty well but every one of us is different from one another. With us we all follow in either my mom or dad’s footsteps from music to sports. However, my cousin lives with just her dad, and with one parent comes less rules. Her mom is still around so she is always there when she needs her, but she’s not always the motherly type when it comes to being strict about young adult things. Then there’s my aunt, who adopted two boys, which she has no clue what they will grow up to act like or what their likes/dislikes will be. She goes through tough times not knowing what is best for them, when it comes to quitting an activity or try a new one. Even though she knows there past she doesn’t want to baby them too much because she knows they’ll turn out spoiled. Although families go through struggles it’s the only way they can become stronger with each …show more content…
The author really shows how much families differ from each other and how a father/mother figure can be a huge difference in a child’s life. In a household with just a mom the girl will always end up having someone to relate to, but the boy needs a man in his life. This doesn’t mean single parenting is a bad thing but when the child grows up they need to learn from more than just one perceptive on life. Above all every family needs love and two parents that get along even if they’re divorced.
When watching this movie I feel that not all families always go through this hard of struggles at the same time, but every family goes through a couple in there lifetime. No matter how much you make your parent’s, spouse or siblings mad they will always love you. At the time, yes they might not show the love, and it may take some time to reattach the relationship together. When it comes to fights and struggles between family members, you’ll always make up in the end whether it takes a week or years. In the end you know if something ever went wrong in your life they would be there to help every step of the

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