Watching A Film Analysis

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Movies… We all love them… In modern society we see a movie as another member of the family. This member is our long lost crazy grandpa that we never met. He can make us happy… can make us angry… can make us cry… He can make us laugh, He can tell us great stories but he was found for one this only, to entertain us. Now others don 't see a movie as just entertainment, most see it as an art form, while others see it as a waste of time. Most people that go to see a movie aren 't looking for perfection they arethere looking to have a good time; whether is to watch Rocky lose another fight or to have Luke Skywalker grace the big screen one more time. People love movies because they 're the best media that can tell a great story, but what most people …show more content…
What makes these movies great is not just the writing or the acting but the genre to. The genre is what intrigue the audience to go watch the movie in the first place. Most of us people are very much attracted to the crime genre as we like to experience the darkside as a main character. This is not a opinion the crime genre is the best genre there is to date. Its best movies come out of this drama don 't believe two of the three movies I just mentioned are crime genres and there named top three movies ever made by watchmojo. Anyways moving on to what I feel the film industry has become over the span of 3 decades. You see before the late 90’s movies were a gold mine there was this level of creativity that was off the charts it was a good time for movies but you know every era has to end. During the late 90’s a lot of people began complaining about more and more movies by the lack of creativity. You see during the late 90’s and until now the cinema has changed. Now it 's nothing but Superheros, rom coms, and remakes. Don 't get me wrong some of these movies are good and there 's still some movies that come out every year that are really good. What I 'm trying to get at is that before movies use to be a way to send a message or to tell a campfire story, to share one 's …show more content…
A message like I said before it 's the impact the movie has on the audience it does not matter what it is it just has to make the audience open there mind to new possibilities. The message or the life lesson in the movie can determine a good movie from a great movie. To name a few movies with great messages: The messages behind these movies are my opinion:
Pulp Fiction: The message behind this movie is that No matter how evil you are you can change your mind on how you see things because of one life threatening event in a span of a day and a cup of coffee.
The Pursuit of Happiness:Based on a true story this movie gives you the meaning of “down in the dumps” and motivates you to keep on fighting for you and your loved ones for a good future.
I could go on and on but what I am trying to establish here is that a great movie needs a great message. For that matter the film I will be creating for my Senior Project will have a message that will impact the community in a big way. In conclusion as a Senior in high school I look forward to my future working in the film industry telling campfire stories the way it should be told with a positive message to back it up. I forgot to mention other film production like tv shows and viral videos but that would be a report for another

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