Family Structure And Parenting Styles Essay

902 Words Nov 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
Family structure and parenting styles both matter to kid’s success. Family structure can make all the differences in the world to a child’s life and the way they grow up, whether they are in a single parent home, two parent home, multi-generational home, or multi-partner fertility home. Parenting styles, as well as family structure, can also make huge differences to a child 's success, such as the parents being protective, caring, if the parent is involved with their child 's schoolwork or extracurricular activities, not involved with their child and whether or not their parent’s disciplines their children. Some people would think that family structure and parenting styles do not matter, that’s why some parents leave their children, thinking that they be perfectly fine on their own or with someone else. Family structure and parenting styles are a big factor to children’s success, it can determine if a child will become successful or not. Family structure and parenting styles, depending on the parents, can also have a negative affect as well as a positive affect. Some of the positive affects to having family structure that matter to people’s success includes traditional marriages where a child is able to see their parents stay with each other, seeing their parents work things out without violence, having support from stepfathers or stepmothers, support from extended families, or even having constant support from a single parent. Having parents who stayed together as their…

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