Family Relationships : Family Of Origin Essay

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Family Relationships
Family of Origin:

Mrs. Bonner stated that she was born and raised in Waxahachie, Texas. Her parents were Benita Lacey and Gregory Branch. She stated that her parents separated at a young age. Her mother was later in a relationship with a Mr. Larry Randle. Overall Mrs. Bonner reported a good relationship with all of her parents. She stated that she did receive spankings when she was younger, but did see it was abuse. Mrs. Bonner reported that she left home at the age of 20 to be on her own. She reported having three siblings: Ebony Lacey, the late Joseph Sharp, Ashley Lacey and Zukeeya Moore all of Waxahachie, Texas. She reported that she had a good relationship with all of siblings, including formerly with the late Mr. Sharp whom passed away in 2010 to cancer.

She has two children Jouvosier Felder and Heavenlee Lacey, both currently reside in the home and do not have any juvenile or investigative history.

Previous relationships:

Mrs. Bonner stated that she was two prior significant relationships.

Her significant relationship was to Twjuan Clark. The met in 2002 and was in a relationship for only a couple of months. She reported that no abuse in their relationship, but reported they separated during her pregnancy. They had one child together Heavenlee Lacey.

Her second relationship was to Sam Fielder. They were in a relationship from 1999-2004. She reported that he was abusive to her, which led to their separation. They had 1 child…

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