Family Needs Essay

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Guy LaFleur once said, “When trouble comes, it is your family that supports you” (“Family Quotes,” 2012). When a person becomes seriously ill, our job as nurses is to support that family. Evidence suggests that treating the needs of the family while treating the patient will yield optimum results. The patient will likely respond more positively with family around, and the family will be likewise more satisfied spending time with their family member in trouble. Family needs have been grouped into the five categories of receiving assurance, remaining near the patient, receiving information, being comfortable, and having support available. With evidence-based practice in mind, nursing interventions can be implemented to provide the best …show more content…
Evidence suggests that family visitation is linked to a shorter time spent in hospital care, so nurses must be apt to please the family as much as possible (Davidson, Powers, Hedayat, 2009). Finally, nurses are a support system for the patient and family alike. Often, visiting family members will want to discuss their fears, concerns, or other emotions linked to their sick relative. They may need questions answered, a shoulder to cry on, or a person who will pray with them. The job of the nurse is to be a support for the patient first and foremost, but they are also capable of cheering the families and providing a sound board if needed. In the event of patient death, the nurse must be available to assist the bereavement process. Some interventions may include providing quiet time for the family members to sit with their deceased relative or presenting mementos or photographs to the family to give them a form of informal closure (Kowal, 2013). Nurses can leave a very positive impression of the experience with the family during this time especially. To conclude, caring for patients is a team effort. Families want to help, and the nurse can benefit greatly from the addition of family members in caring for a very sick patient. The family does, however, present with several needs that must be met. Their presence increases safety and morale while decreasing the length of stay, so nurses must reassure families, allow them to be

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