Essay on Family Literacy And Children 's Learning

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Family literacy describes parents and children learning together. It can describe the way parents, children, family, and community members make use of literacy at home and in their communities. Literacy activities can be done daily through normal routines, and also reflects the ethnic, cultural, and racial differences of families. Family literacy programs are facilitated to encourage families to learn and grow together. These programs address the literacy needs of families across the United States, while promoting adult involvement in children’s learning and academic success. Generally, these programs provide activities to support development of parent-child relationships and increase learning motivation. Emphasizing the importance of families learning together, also helps integrate families and teach parents how to support their child’s learning.
Family literacy programs are much needed in my community as well as communities throughout the United States. Currently in the United States, one in four adults cannot read above a 5th grade level, and as a country, we are dramatically behind in literacy skills ( Many children come from disadvantaged families and struggle to gain the necessary literacy skills. In a nation where 36 million adults cannot read and write at the most basic level, parents need access to learn basic reading in order to support their children’s learning. The source of the problem is widely formulated as a lack of appropriate literacy…

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