Family Life Center Case Study Essay

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Darci Deakin
FCHD 4460
Case Study
Mike and Judy Atkins arrived at the Family Life Center. I great them and showed them into the direction of the counseling room. I introduced myself and they introduced their self. I asked if they were able to find the family life center okay and their opinion on the beautiful spring weather we are having. I asked how they heard about us. This brought up a conversation about their friends wonderful experience with the family life center, and how we helped their friend get out of debt.
We then went over the Client and Counselor agreement form. This help establish what I expected as a counselor and my commitment as well as what I expect from them as the client. We also discussed how this is a training center,
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Mike explained how they have a lot of debt but are not behind on payments. They pay the minimum amount each month, but the debt just keeps pilling up. They have $325 to pay their dentist, but no interest. $2,907 on a Wells Fargo Visa with 17.5% interest. $3,133 on a Citibank Visa card at 13.6% interest. And $311 for a furniture loan at 11% interest. Judy chimed in and explained how they also have car payments on top of that. Mike has a truck with $18,525 and 8% interest. While Judy has a car at $5,505 and 7% interest. Judy then explains how she is very upset with all the debt they have accumulated. She wants to become debt free, but feels like they are too far down in debt to ever get to that point. I decided to discuss PowerPay. They had never heard of PowerPay so I gave a brief overview. We came to the conclusion that at our next appointment they would love to sit down and create a PowerPay account with me, and see if we are able to pay off the debt quicker. This would be a long-term solution to help eliminate …show more content…
We were able to come up with two goals. 1. To decrease expenses to have money for life insurance premium, glasses, and braces. 2. To increase income to pay off debts. We then discussed brainstorm ideas. Judy and Mike were able to come up with a great list of brainstorming ideas. I would cheerlead them on with each new idea they came up with. They had a good list but I asked if I could make a few suggestions as well. We kept track of our brainstorm ideas on the brainstorm solutions form. We decided that the things we hoped to do to decrease expenses should help them save enough money to pay for their life insurance premium, as well as start saving for braces and glasses. Hopefully within the next few months, they will save enough to pay off the glasses, and have enough money to pay monthly payments towards the

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