Family Is Not More Important Than Relationships Outside The Family

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Relationships within the family are not more important than relationships outside the family. This seems more relevant in my family due to my grandmother on my mom’s side, who is racist, homophobic, and critiques everything about anyone in the family, especially me; while my friends won’t judge me because of my sexual orientation or that I am a little fatter than other girls my age, because they like me for my personality. In my family, it is hard to find a solid relationship with each other, because my grandma is exceedingly judgmental and we feel that we think the same thing as her because that’s how she has a conversation with us. She judges everyone in the family on their weight, how you dress, or your hobbies and your grades. She especially judges me because I am bigger than my other four girl cousins. One example of her judging me is when I was younger she would always tell me how pretty I was and that I would grow up to be beautiful, but all of that changed when I gained more, and more weight till I was classified as overweight. I used to love spending time with her because she would dress me up in my mother’s old dance outfits and take me shopping for holiday dresses. We would spend the rest of the time playing card games or looking at old pictures of the family. When I started getting older, around the age 12, I noticed her comments started to change, and her behavior toward me changed as well. During the days I stayed over she spent less and less time with me,…

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