Great Grandma Analysis

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An awkward and valuable conversation with Great-Grandma

Like my mother says every morning, "If you never try, you will never know", I decided for this assignment to talk with my Great-Grandma about Sexuality through FaceTime. She is 87 years old and Panamanian. She grew up in a conservative Catholic family and got married at her 18 years old. She has 8 children, one of them is my grandmother from my mother side. I chose her for the interview because I wanted to know what she thinks about sexuality and the differences between her generation in the 1930 and my generation in 1990. I started the discussion with the suggested topics to get the background information about Great-Grandma knowledge about sexuality. Her beliefs are sexual relationship
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She answered me, how you feel talking about sex with your grandmother. I laughed, and it is going to be awkward, but I also saif sexuality it is not just about sexual intercourse. Then, I explained several definitions that have been discussed in this class such as gender, sex, gender roles, sexual identity, and others concepts. She made surprised faces while I was explaining some of the concepts, she explained to me that it was hard to hear me about these concepts when she grew up with lacking of this information. I say her experience and my experience is different in some aspects. My parents added to their list of duties as parents to talk to me about sexuality that my great-grandma did not have in her in her entire life. The development of school system had changed as well, and the human science class I took in high school taught a little more about sexuality in compared to what the human science class taught her. I think respect has been the only thing we had in common related to this topic. After I started explaining her about homosexuals, transgender, and others, she asked me to stop because she did not want to know. She explained to me she does not hate these people, but she does not agree with all these changes or types of relationships in this society today. She said "I grow up in the time we did not see these types of relationship, but you grow up in the time where it is common. I hope your parents talked about sexuality and all these changes." After all of these question, she started asking me. We switched the role, she asked if I was sexually active. The conversation turned to be more awkward since she started asking me. I never thought to talk with my conservative great-grandma about if I am sexually active or not. However, I did tell her about what kind of contraceptive method my partner and I use, how many times I do

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