Family Is A Family? Essay

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When talking about family you could be talking about a family of humans or animals but I will be talking about the Crowder family. In most cases family is connected through blood and nearly through adaption. Every state has a family cap which is “a policy limiting the benefits made available to a family by the state." For example it prevents a family in receipt of welfare assistance from receiving additional assistance because of the birth of another child. The word family came from the “middle French". Family means everything to me, their important in every different way. I love my family dearly and I value there supports ever since I was seven years old. I began playing football at seven and at least ten of my family has come to every single game I have played. I have played games all across the United States such as: Florida, Tennessee, North Caroline, New York, Arizona and Texas. My family has been there I appreciate their support so much and it seems as the more family members I have at the game the better I do. For example I played a game at Bump Taylor which is located in Cleveland which is close to everyone in my family , I had 26 family member’s at the game and I ended with five touchdowns and 300 yards which were both career highs for me. I also played basketball and I got a ton of support as well. I traveled around the world once again for example I played in: West Virginia, Virginia, Georgia, Kentucky. My family was there no matter how bad the weather was, it…

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