Personal Narrative: Soccer Is Me

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Soccer is Me
My hearts beats in my chest, my stomach full of butterflies. I hear the crowd yelling and all kinds of names being cheered. I remove out all of those distractions, now I actually need to concentrate. I stand over the ball, center of the soccer field. My sweaty palms clenched in fists, glancing at the players around me. My mind begins to rush with thoughts and I start to put a play together. The referee puts the whistle up to his mouth and it is blown. My heart leaps and I am off.
Soccer represents me; leadership, happiness, talent, family. Soccer was introduced to me when I was only 8 years old. My love of running, passing, and kicking a ball developed over the years and in my freshman year of high school, soccer was added to my
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We as a team continuously trained, trained, and trained. I, as a striker went through a series of different, yet still tough exercises that built me to be the player that I am. During junior year, my hard work and self-drive resulted in me scoring the first goal of the season, which was definitely really tough to accomplish. My backbreaking work and mental stamina paid off. The highs and lows of this particular sport have constructed me, a better person and athlete.
My high school soccer journey came to an end winter of junior year. We had an urgent family matter that called for a 2 week trip out of state. When I came back, all of my grades had dropped a massive amount. Making up the work just wasn’t a choice. I had to leave high school and find a different route on making up my grades. Nonetheless, I found a competitive soccer team in my city and was soon on their team. I could not leave this extraordinary sport
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As I was growing up, we never had much land or space in our backyard so my dad would take me out to the park to play soccer with him and my younger brother. Both my dad, my mom, my younger brothers and sisters have supported me in every aspect of my life and soccer is a sport they all absolutely enjoy and can relate to. My parents offering me their assistance and knowledge through this journey has been incredibly amazing. We share the enjoyment that soccer provides us all with, while building an even stronger relationship. Soccer has showed me all of its ups and downs, the do’s and dont’s, and I am glad I had my family supporting me through every step, helping me create that soccer player that I am today.
I dig my cleats into the ground sprinting my way up the field. My legs are burning, but stopping is not an option. My body has become numb but I am not giving up. I see the goal line from a distance. I push my body forward and kick the ball up the field. As I approach the goal, the goalkeeper takes a step out and I take a shot. Ball curls into the very top left corner and it’s a Goal! Soccer is my life. Soccer is

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