Personal Narrative: My Grandma Sandy's Beliefs On Marriage

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I interviewed my grandma Sandy who is 68 years of age. I asked her several questions to figure out her beliefs on marriage, family and children and if they have changed over time. Her answers were interesting to me because although I thought we would have different beliefs on somethings I didn’t think other beliefs would be different that ended up being different. My grandma said she had always planned on getting married since she was a little girl. She said that she thought she would get married around the age of 23. This didn’t really surprise me that she always thought she would get married and at that age. I feel like that is a typical age to get married in that time, not super young, not super old. I also imagine someday I will get married. …show more content…
My grandma also always planned on having kids. Her and her husband knew they wanted at least two kids and then after having two kids they would take it from there. Although my grandma and grandpa didn’t talk about discipline methods before having kids they did talk about discipline methods when the time came and in general they knew how they wanted to raise their kids. It was kind of just a given the my grandma would stay home with the kids and help them with their schoolwork and other school related things while grandpa would go to work. For disciplining they would spank the kids or put soap in their mouth. I remember getting spanked when I was little and getting vinegar in the mouth. By punishing the kids they were taught what they were doing wasn’t respectful which was really important for my grandparents. My grandparents wanted their kids to be hardworking, personable, caring people. I personally feel like these were fine punishments. It forsure taught me a lesson because I hated both punishments. Now a days I feel like spanking especially is looked at as a bad punishment and you shouldn’t do it. While reading the book Women’s Lives: Multicultural Perspectives, something really caught my eye. The authors talk about how the way we are treated as a child by our parents and elders and the way we observe our role models is the beginning of …show more content…
Some answers I was completely expecting but others not so much. It didn’t surprise me, but it was interesting to hear her talk about divorce and how that has changed and family roles and how they have changed. Forty eight years ago my grandma was my age and things were so much different. Forty eight years ago men made the money while women generally stayed home with the kids. Forty eight years ago it was a shock and almost unheard of to see someone get divorced. It is crazy to think that forty eight years ago my grandma probably didn’t expect the world to be the way it is today. It will be interesting to see how the world changes in the next forty eight

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