Essay Interview With My Grandmother

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I interviewed my maternal grandmother, Mary Sue Varner. She was born on February 16, 1933, that makes her eight three years old. She was the oldest daughter of eight children. She has pretty much lived in the same town for her entire life, but would not change that for anything. She has five children, thirteen grandchildren, and nine great grandchildren. I had a wonderful time listening to my grandmother tell me about her life. She had some difficult times, but the good times always made up for the bad times.
The first question I asked my grandmother was “What is your greatest hope for your children and grandchildren?” Her answer was one that I could almost quote. She said her greatest hope is that her children and grandchildren would always
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She is in great physical condition for someone the age of eighty three. She has a great memory and her sight is more than average for her age. She is very active in church and her singing group. She said that her singing group gives her something to look forward to every week. She loves to drive, especially in the rain. On rainy afternoons, she will get in her car and drive around town. She said she loves to sing while she is driving in the rain. I for one do not like to drive in the rain at all. I do believe that her race and social class has played a part in her successful aging. She is a white American female. In her earlier years she did face some difficulties as a woman, but not near as much as women of other races. My granddad was able to support the family enough with his salary so my grandmother was privileged to stay home with her children and not work. In today’s society many women do not get the privilege if staying home with their children. Most of the time, it takes two incomes for a household to live comfortably. I asked my grandmother if there was something she would go back and change would she do it. Her answer was no. She has had some difficult times in life but she said that helped make her who she is today. She loves my granddad and wishes he was still here

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