Family History : Family Health History Essay

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Family Health History There are more than a couple health problems that run in my family, the first of the health problems is high blood pressure. My grandmother on my father’s side of the family had high blood pressure from an early age that was controlled by medication. My father was also diagnosed when I was a child with high blood pressure that had to be controlled with medication. My mother’s parents did not have a history of high blood pressure that I know of, but my mother does. My sister and I both have high blood pressure, mine is controlled by medication and I’m not sure how hers is controlled. As for the two youngest of my children whose father is my ex-husband, they run a higher risk of developing the disease than their older brother who is not my ex-husbands child. Diabetes is another one of the health problems that run in my family. My father’s mother had diabetes when she passed away, and my father and I have diabetes. My children also run a risk of diabetes because my ex-husband also has diabetes. My father and my ex-husband both control their blood sugar with insulin and I control by diet only.
Mental Health History The mental health history of my family is a touchy subject. For starters, my grandmother Josephine, accidentally overdosed at the age of 72. We were told the reason of her overdose was her continuous complaint of anxiety attacks and not being able to breathe, she ended up taking more anti-anxiety medication than she should have. My mother was…

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