Essay on Family Health Evaluation

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Family Health Evaluation

Grand Canyon University
NRS 429V
May 27, 2012

Family Health Evaluation
Each family has their own views and beliefs on how they understand health and illness. Different situations pose as difficult challenges to the members of the family. Assessment by using different tools helps the healthcare professional to better understand the family and implement appropriate intervention. This paper will discuss the summarized version of family assessment by using Gordon’s functional health patterns (Edelman & Mandel, 2010), recognize health related limitations, as well as strengths, and provide wellness and family nursing diagnoses.
The writer interviewed a family
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Before husband got diagnosed with diabetes, there used to be many sweet snacks at home. The family has been trying to keep away from snacks, but having teenage kids at home, it has been hard. The family on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversary goes out to eat in restaurants. Both father and mother are overweight, but children have healthy weight.
The husband has some irregularity in bowel function with occasional constipation. Home remedies such as warm milk consumption is done to relieve constipation. Mother and children have normal bowel plus urinary function.
Exercise is an integral part in the family. Both parents are active members in the gym. Exercise happens four times in a week. Children are in basketball team and go for practice daily. Children also enjoy dance practices. Family together goes out to playground on off days to play. Spending time together is very essential for this family. The family actively participates in volunteer work to help homeless people, by providing clothing and food. The mother teaches dance classes on weekdays. This keeps the children occupied as well.
Cognitively the family understands health, and incorporates healthy behavior each day. All the essential issues are dealt by both the parents. But the final decision on situation is made by the husband, as all the members consider the person, the head of the family. Even the food shopping is done by the husband, the wife and kids make a list and hand

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